MCAS Alternate Assessment (MCAS-Alt)
Virtual Portfolio Review Sessions
March/April 2021

Please make a selection to navigate to the registration site for each training.
If you are having difficulty registering or accessing the registration site, you can register through the MCAS Service Center at 800-737-5103.
-- will sign-up for a single 1-hour time block --
-- are encouraged to prepare portfolio questions prior to your session --
-- will be assigned a breakout room with a training specialist and 6-8 colleagues --
-- will receive feedback and answers to your MCAS-Alt questions --
-- can network with colleagues in your breakout session --
Participants will be able to ask questions on the specific requirements and
submission process for grades 3–8 "grade-level" and high school "competency" portfolios.
A math content specialist will be available to provide content level expertise.